Global poultry markets in recovery

NEW YORK – Rabobank reported a positive outlook for margins in the global poultry industry as markets recover from oversupply problems and other issues, including the global threat of avian influenza. In its Poultry Quarterly Q1 2016 report, Rabobank noted factors driving improvements for global poultry markets include rising demand for poultry, price support from…


Mexican pork producers think in new destinations

The National Federation of Hog Farmers said to avoid shortage in domestic production will seek new markets for export of pork The best way to avoid the shortage of pork in Mexico is to bring the product into new international markets, said Jose Luis Caram Inclan, president of the National Confederation of Pork. Countries such…


China’s feed production hits 200 million tons in 2015

Guangdong Province has led nation in feed production for 10 years China’s feed production output was more than 200 million tons in 2015, according to the country’s Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Production Wang Junxun. Production of pig feed reached 83.5 million tons, down 3 percent year on year; production of feed for…


The pigmentation of chicken and eggs is worthwhile

In some countries it is common to pigment chicken and eggs. In markets such as Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and China chickens are sold with various skin colorations from yellow to orange-brown. In some products, naturally occurring pigments from corn and its co-products are used: corn gluten and DDGS. But when sorghum or other grains…


Mexico can export white corn, beef and milk to China

With the signing of five protocols between the two countries, Mexico’s exports to China have increased and include products such as white corn, dairy products and beef. Mexico can export white corn, beef, lácteosa products the People’s Republic of China, because health and cooperation protocols already materialized to increase and improve trade with China. On…


Campo idle without mechanization

5 million are idle and agriculture have 42% of tractors have more than 15 years … While national and international experts talk about the need to produce more food on the same surface to which we must introduce technology field, in Mexico we have five million hectares idle, ie, not grown; also only 20 percent…


They will produce ethanol from sorghum

Mexico City, Mexico (July 24, 2015) .- The producers of sorghum Country go their harvest to produce ethanol for Pemex, with the glut of grain in Tamaulipas, mainly in the municipalities of Valle Hermoso, Matamoros, Rio Bravo and San Fernando.”The only state that has surplus is Tamaulipas, which produces 40 percent of the country and…


¿Croquettes or home cooking?

Pets love home cooking, and if you serve a plate of migas with egg, surely eat it all, but if you like a lot is not exactly the best you can give them. Just like humans, pets also need a balanced diet to stay healthy. However, many owners have a habit to feed their pets…


Why cows are sacred in India?

Symbol of fertility and motherhood, cows are sacred to Hindus. They are protected by law and no one dares to harass, mistreat them, much less kill them for meat. To many Westerners, this sacredness seems paradoxical in a country where the prevailing poverty and hunger. The origin of this custom is lost in the past.…