Agrícola Maas

verduraIt is founded in 2007; It is located at km 20.2 approx. Carretera La Piedad Pénjamo and currently has production saladette tomato, ball tomato, cucumber and pepper.

Founded to have a presence in the best industries Agri-Food is engaged in the production of vegetables in high-tech hydroponic greenhouses. We work under strict controls based on HACCP and certified with Mexico Supreme Quality, Primus Labs and SQF. International thus supporting the quality of our products. He is currently exporting to the US and Canada.

Agricultural Maas® within the framework of Socially Responsible Company has made steady tomato donations to communities in the State of Guanajuato and La Estrella, Laguna Larga, Solovino, El Salitre, etc. Similarly joined charitable activities Food Bank in Degollado Jalisco.