iconodineroBorn as a SOFOM dedicated to strengthening agriculture and development of our clients, suppliers and employees through loans and financial advice, achieving improve the quality of life of people.

Major credits:

  • Enabling or credit Avio

Financing to supplement working capital of enterprises, mainly agricultural or livestock, for the purchase of raw materials and materials, payment of labor and direct production expenses, mainly.

Short-term loans, according to the production cycle of the company.

  • Credit Refaccionario

Financing specific destination (for fixed assets) as the acquisition of machinery, equipment, breeding stock, transport units, buildings and facilities, infrastructure, etc.

They are long-term loans (up to 4 or 5 years).

In both loans can finance up to 80% of the total project value.

  • Secured loan

This credit provides liquidity to companies and customers who own or trade in grain, fertilizer, cattle or any other product capable of being stored or stockpiled in a warehouse authorized by a National Storage Facility.

You can finance up to 70% of total product value.