Porcícola Garleon

puerquitoSwine division was founded by Mr. Guadalupe Garcia Valladolid in the year 1951 where his main line were pig farms and then continue the legacy Mr. Enrique Garcia Arciga in 1978 to form the company Garleón company dedicated exclusively to the production pigs with a complete cycle, and was located in the community of Santa Ana Pacueco Municipality. Penjamo, Guanajuato.Thanks to their high genetic quality standards and rigorous biosecurity controls, today it is among the most important and most traditional in Mexico in the field of pig farming companies.

Today it is an integrative company formed by six companies:

  • Agropecuaria La Gaby
  • Agropecuaria Las Reses
  • Agropecuaria El Topete
  • La Chemita
  • Porcícola Sn Bernardo
  • Porcícola Paso Blanco

Where each company has a complete production cycle it is saying from maternity playback until completion or fattening. Currently Porcícola Garleón is recognized by the Mexico Supreme Quality Certification, this brand is an official seal that ensures health, safety and superior quality of Mexicans, mainly agri-food and fisheries products.