Agrochemicals and Seeds La Fuerte

maizalThanks to investigations of several years, is currently leader in the breeding and marketing of wheat seed. Dedicated to provide farmers in the region necessary for planting, they are supported with technical support and funding for field Bajio further strengthening. Agricultural company branch and subsidiary of Nu-3 Group; established in 1990, and basic activity production and sale of certified seed of wheat in the Bajio region, which is the second most important area of ​​the country, where strong, with annual sales studies, has emerged as a company leading regional sales, which account for a large network of distributors for sale mainly in the central region of the country.

STRONG in their scheme of functions performed in wheat breeding work have now resulted in three varieties registered in the catalog of varieties feasible certification were recorded with the names of STA ANA PCO S97, S97 and TRIGUENIO SALMEJA F00. On the other hand, it has a production program certified seed of wheat, which is carried out in coordination with agencies.

Also in the PV 2007 STRONG cycle it was given the distribution of seeds of maize and sorghum from the DEKALB brand, offering hybrids with good yield potential, to enhance the usefulness in the Mexican countryside; on the other hand, it is involved in agricultural production through comprehensive technical assistance programs, development of technological packages and providing volume and quality inputs to farmers.