Who we are?  

GrandPET it’s born under the importance created by pets on our families, becoming   one of the most important companies dedicated to pet nutrition in Mexico. 

Our passion is to elevate the pets life’s quality to make them transcend on our lifes.

The technology we use, allow us to create products developed under innovators and exquisite technics. We only created products that achieve us to give an optimum integral development, always back up by the highest technology possible to develop vanguard products. Distingue by our high professionalism, big disposition, service and attention we give to our clients looking in every moment to overcome their expectations. In everything we do, we always look to improve the pets life’s quality.

Founded and ubicated in Guanajuano, Mexico. We are a Familiar Company 100% mexican.


Improve the pets life’s quality to create happiness.


Be the third National Company on petfood sales, reach the internationalization and transform the pets market offering the biggest and more complete line of products and services.

GrandPET today

We count with a full variety of product highly trustful, with excellent quality, high energetic levels and in matchless palatability.

GrandPET’s purpose isn’t only to offer feedable products, it is to give nutritious products, following all the segments in the market.

We elaborate treats to recognize a good behavior and obedience, also they help as a supplementary food because they have nutritious complements for health improvement.

Providing treats it is a great way to show our love and spoiled our pets.

The pets are our passion, that’s why we investigate, development, produce and commercialize product with the highest quality for the care and health for pets.

We know fun plays an important paper on out pets development, that’s the reason we count with an large catalogue of accessories that they will love it.