80% of companies are family businesses in Mexico, 80% of them die within the first two years, 15% to withdraw its founder, and finally 5% throw deep roots, grow, develop and survive for generations or They stabilize their external development partners accepting ceasing to be family; founder attitude is crucial in this process.

85 years of Don Enrique Garcia Arciga, 60 years of pig in La Piedad and over 25 years of Nu-3 brand, the group sustained growth, are closely linked to the family business he founded, no image, no relations, without financial resources, without academic preparation, just fourth grade, first with his father, then his wife and finally with his sons, who inherited the character and provide college degrees in an apparent continuity.

So, with work and character Nu-3 Group was founded in 1985. The origin of Nu-3 Group is based on the pig, and around it has simentado a growing number of companies to strengthen and make the industry more productive, traditional activity that still characterizes today and sustaining the region, one of the most important items in the economy and development of thousands of families.

Currently our companies come together to form a comprehensive agroalimientario cycle that allows us to ensure the quality of our products in every part of our processes, achieving freshness of the countryside bring their families.

Currently Grupo Nu-3 is a of the most important companies in the food industry, this is backed with international certificates such as ISO-2001 show that Grupo Nu-3 is a solid company, with well-defined processes and international stature.